• Children's/Youth Ministry

    Children's/Youth Ministry


    To empower and encourage our children and young men and women to live for greatness by becoming leaders and trend setters for their generation through and by the power of Christ.

    Mission - To ignite the gifts, and call imparted on every child's life. God has a purpose for everyone, even our children at any age. For the word of the Lord says "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 19:14


  • Women's Ministry

    To Empower and uplift women spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically within our communities so that they may be fruitful and productive citizens and daughters of Christ in the Kingdom of God. To provide a safe haven to address and cultivate women in every area of their lives because only when a women is wholly complete and sanctified will she become that virtuous women mentioned in Proverbs 31.


    Mission- To empower woman all across the four corners of the earth. Equipping them to be purpose driven into what they are called to be as daughters of the Son of man. To walk in faith as natural and spiritual birthers for the things of God. To manifest the vision of the Kingdom of God on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

  • Men's Ministry

    To walk and live by example as the Mantle of strength, leadership and spirituality as Kings and Sons of the living God. To equip and empower men and young males alike as they develop and cultivate themselves in every area of life. To be yielded and steadfast in prayer in order to receive instructions from God, thereby enabling themselves to be a formidable force of guidance and protection in their own life, as well for their families and their ministries.


    Mission - To follow in the steps of Jesus as He taught and trained the disciples so does a leader train and rear other men to greatness and into finding their destinies. It is only when Christ is at the center of a man's life, is when he has tapped into his limitless potential as a triune being mastering the human experience.


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